Quotes on your web page

You can have a random freethought quote on your own web page by using the following javascript code:
<script language="JavaScript" src="http://good-things.org/quote.php"></script>

To limit the length (in lines) of the returned quote, set maxlines in the quote. For example, if you want quotes of no more than 20 lines:

<script language="JavaScript" src="http://good-things.org/quote.php?maxlines=20"></script>

If you do not include the maxlines parameter, then the returned quote may be any length. The smallest value of maxlines you can specify is 5.

The quote is returned to you bracketed by "<div id='ftquote' class='ftquote'><pre>" and "</pre></div>" so that you can define a style for "ftquote" to customize the appearance of the quotation. Or simply use your own constructs to surround the script. Since the quote is plain text, it is very easy to alter its appearance. View the source of this page for a hint or two.

Here is a sample:

And another sample:

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Original quote collection by Wayne Aiken.

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